Nam Sanam Waterfall

Nam Sanam, with its twin Tad Kang, free falls for 80 metres from the Saiphou Hai mountain range. At the base they combine to form Nam Sanam stream, a source of the Khounkham town water supply.

The path to the spectacular waterfall is near the Khounkham Tourist Information Centre in Nahin on Route 8. You can trek for 3km to the waterfall with local guides. For safety, you should not take the trail by yourself – go with the local experts and hear their own stories. The guides will tell the local story of the waterfall’s name – and about a dramatic search and rescue with a happy ending.

Located within the Phou Hin Phoun NPA near the village of Na Hin, Tad Namsanam is a spectacular multi-level double waterfall, which topples over a sandstone cliff into a rocky stream below. Part of the reason for coming here is the trek through a lush jungle alive with gigantic trees and wildlife that includes birds and butterflies. The hike is not to be taken lightly—the rough cut trail is difficult, steep and slippery… Read more on